Textile Tile

Textile tile is a type of porcelain tile that blends the versatility and beauty of textile materials with the durability of porcelain tiles. Text tile is widely used throughout the United States to add texture and color to a surface. Textile tiles are available in soft colors to metallic and geometric patterns.

Linen Tile

Linen tiles have rich textures and colors that can be used for commercial or residential flooring purposes. As most linen tiles are porcelain maintenance and cleaning is simple. Under normal circumstances linen tiles will last for years. However, when cleaning and maintaining this type of tile remember that waxes and sealers should never be used, unless otherwise specified.

Metallic Tile

Customers who like the look of various metals such as copper, aluminum, bronze, and stainless steel should consider metallic tile for their next flooring project. Metallic tile is a robust and striking way to differentiate your home’s interior. Customers interested in metallic porcelain tiles need to contact LMG Tile. LMG Tile carries a wide selection of metallic porcelain tiles that are guaranteed to fit into any home’s interior design.

Mikado Tile

LMG Tile carries a huge selection of Mikado Tile. Mikado Tile blends ancient Chinese aesthetics and Feng Shui concepts into beautifully crafted tiles. Mikado Tiles are made of 40% pre-consumer/post-industrial materials and these tiles can be used to help a project qualify for LEED points. Geometric Tile Geometric tiles are used throughout the world to create dramatic flooring designs and patterns. These types of tiles are known for their versatility and many top brands “vitrify” their geometric tiles. This results in extremely hard wearing tiles that can be used for either indoor or outdoor purposes.