Concrete Tile

Concrete is the new material of choice for both designers and homeowners all over the United States. Concrete tile come available in stained, colored, painted, and even personalized concrete tile flooring as well. Concrete tile has numerous options for interior rooms including a potentially limitless amount of colors, design options, and styles that is available when a consumer chooses concrete for his or her flooring needs.

Benefits of Concrete Floor Tiles

There are many concerns with concrete floor tiles but the truth is concrete tile floors are not better or worse than traditional flooring materials. Common concerns with concrete floors include:
• Temperature. Many people falsely believe that concrete flooring will be cold and hard on human feet. In reality, concrete tile floors are no harder or colder than ceramic or porcelain tile flooring.
• Sound and Slippage. Concrete floors are no louder or echo-enhancing than other forms of flooring. If a concrete floor is finished with a glossy enamel, it might look slippery but actually it isn’t. Standard industry practices include finishing concrete floors with a non-slip additive.
• Cost. Concrete tile floors’ cost depends entirely on the size of the project but on average concrete flooring is roughly half the cost of hardwood floors.

LMG Tile provides concrete floor tiles to customers who are interested in a cheaper alternative to wooden flooring. Concrete floor tiles have virtually no maintenance associated with them and the amount of traffic your floors receive will determine how often it should undergo maintenance. Concrete is the most abrasive-resistant and durable flooring options available.